Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Speed up the word of mouth process! using a Promotion Kit

Word of mouth is fabulous business promotion.But why sit back and wait for word of mouth to build? You're impressed with your products or services, aren't you? Speed up the word of mouth process by creating and using a Promotion Kit

Why Carry a Promotion Kit?

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you are surrounded by opportunities for business promotion. Having a Promotion Kit with you ensures that you're ready to capitalize on those promotion opportunities.Have you ever had someone ask you for your business card and be in the unfortunate position of saying, "Sorry? I don't have any with me right now"? This doesn't happen to people who have a Promotion Kit prepared.And think of your wider experience. If you're shopping, you'll be visiting other businesses that might be interested in exchanging some advertising space with you. If you're taking one of your children to a sports event, you'll be meeting people who might be interested in your products or services. Even if you're just out walking your dog, chances are good you'll meet someone.With a Promotion Kit, you're ready for every contact.

Building a Promotion Kit:

The basic Promotion Kit will include:
  • your business cards
  • other people's business cards
  • your elevator spiel
You might also want to include other promotional materials, such as brochures or pamphlets about your business and press releases. Huh? Other People's Business Cards?
You read that right. Business promotion is a circle, not a line. You already have a whole network of business contacts, including businesses that you and your friends and family prefer to do business with, because of their superior products or services. You probably don't have all their contact and product information memorized, though, so carrying those business' cards is a convenient way to share that information with others.Carrying other people's business cards can give you an entrée into conversations with strangers. People like to receive information that they see as immediately valuable to them. Being able to "tip" someone about the exact service or product they're looking for at that time will get you remembered, spread good word of mouth, and maybe even get you the chance to talk about your own business.At the very least, it will make the person more receptive to your business promotion activities.

Don't Leave Home without an Elevator Pitch! 

Your elevator pitch is your verbal calling card or introduction. I call it an elevator pitch because it has to be really short, but still give the person you're talking to a clear explanation of what your business is all about. (Think of the time you'd have to talk to someone while an elevator goes up two or three floors).
Limit your elevator pitch to two or three sentences that tell your listener what you do and, even better, what your business can do for the person you're talking to. Practice your pitch so you sound relaxed and sincere.